Our Guarantee

We only use 100% of the highest grade ingredients


Our process begins with fresh, organic ingredients, picked with care and love. If it's Good for Nature, It's Good for You.

Gluten free

All of our products are 100% Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Genetic Modified Organisms).

Vegan Friendly

Our Omega 3 and 6 vitamins are sourced from 100% Natural Spurlina and Flaxseed

How effective are your current Vitamins?

When comparing the body absorption rates of the various methods of taking vitamins, you might be very shocked to learn the real truth of just how much your body is actually absorbing.

SprayVit Oral Spray
Absorption Rate 93%
Intramuscular Injections
Absorption Rate 80%
Sublingual Liquids
Absorption Rate 55%
Transdermal Patches
Absorption Rate 50%
Gel Capsules
Absorption Rate 25%
Tablets & Pills
Absorption Rate 15%

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