SprayVit Oral Vitamin Spray

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[title_subtitle title=”Vegan Friendly” title_color=”#333333″ subtitle=”Our Omega 3 and 6 vitamins are sourced from 100% Natural Spurlina and Flaxseed” subtitle_color=”#7a7a7a” with_separator=”no”]
[title_subtitle title=”Vitamin Absorption Comparisons” title_color=”#333333″ title_size=”50″ subtitle=”How effective are the vitamins you currently take?” subtitle_color=”#045681″ subtitle_size=”30″]
[title_subtitle title=”Are you getting the benefits you were expecting?” title_color=”#333333″ title_size=”30″ subtitle=”When comparing the body absorption rates of the various methods of taking vitamins, you might be very shocked to learn the real truth of just how much your body is actually absorbing.” subtitle_color=”#045681″ subtitle_size=”20″ align=”left”]

SprayVit Oral Spray has a MASSIVE 93% Absorption Rate!

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